Case Studies

Mr. Farnsworth has served in virtually every aspect of fiduciary work. The three case studies below are selected from an extensive list to illustrate the preferred type of work as well as to provide insight into his experience. Primary in his acceptance of work is the opportunity to help individuals and families.

Conservatorship of the Person and Estate
This client suffered a stroke at the very peak of his career, is wheelchair-bound, and lives in an assisted living facility. Due to his intelligence and good judgement he has insurance in place and regular income, mainly from investments. His living requirements made it necessary to sell two residences with significant furnishings.
He has a fascination with the stock market and is an active trader. Three afternoons every week he is taken on tours of San Diego County, often including lunch. This conservatorship is focused on providing the very best life possible for a good man struck with a very unfortunate medical event. The usual responsibilities of a Conservator have become routine but challenges related to the Conservatee’s quality of life are a daily challenge.
Special Trustee
Warring members of a family were involved in a suit related to the distribution of Trust assets which included a functioning business. Conflicts of interest between the Trustees (defendants) and the plaintiff caused the need for a Special Trustee. A large estate with several family members and five law firms on the Special Trustee side made the stakes high. The interactions between each of the principals and their attorneys as well as the threats posed by the plaintiff made this case unusually complex and very interesting. Ultimately the issues were settled with mediation prior to trial. This case was a post-graduate education in teamwork, human behavior, and diplomacy.
This gentleman lived alone with an early diagnosis of dementia. He moved into an assisted living facility. He spent a few years in the assisted living wing of the facility and then graduated to the secured perimeter area where he eventually benefited from hospice care. His investments provided income to easily support his stay in the residential care facility. Upon his death his residence and furnishings were sold. It was particularly gratifying to organize a core of his friends who often visited him as he declined. One of those visitors certainly contributed to the quality and probably the length of his life. Given the circumstances, this client spent the last few years as happy as he could possibly be.